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Therapy is a helpful first step to end the cycle of abuse and begin early recovery. Individual therapy also works well to heal the effects of complex trauma and grief frequently seen in survivors of narcissistic abuse. We explore early issues that make clients vulnerable to narcissistic abuse and sometimes use EMDR to lower the emotional volume of trauma.

Individual therapy is also very effective in helping explore and recover from other forms of trauma, depression and anxiety, and life circumstances you're coping with. 

Client being reassured and healed by therapist


Groups help survivors find support and healing by working with others who share similar experiences. This can be incredibly helpful in narcissistic abuse recovery. Groups are small (5 - 8 individuals) in order to encourage really getting to know one another and the development of long-term, peer support systems that continue after groups are over.

Maybe more than any other kind of narcissistic abuse treatment, groups help survivors feel validated and less alone.

Diverse group in narcissistic abuse therapy


Coaching can be helpful in providing education about narcissistic abuse recovery, but unlike therapy, coaching focuses only on present concerns and achieving realistic goals. If I believe a coaching client may benefit from therapy, I partner with therapists licensed in clients' states to provide comprehensive, coordinated care.

Coaching client in virtual session setting goals


I've been an adjunct graduate professor, internship supervisor, and field liaison to MSW and MFT students for 20+ years, and I love training the next generation of therapists. I also provide post-graduate supervision for LCSW/LMFT licensure and consultation for new therapists getting started in private practice.


I am happy to help therapists better understand narcissistic/hidden abuse and am available for one-time or ongoing  consultation specific to this area. 

Therapist doing supervision with prelicensed therapist


I'm always honored when a local friend or colleague asks me to speak at a community event and am happy to donate time. I've spoken at parent education events at local schools on a variety of topics.

I also host open-house reunion events for former group members to promote continued support and recovery. In the coming months, I will be starting local workshops for teens to educate them on abusive relationships in an effort to prevent this trauma as much as possible.

Therapist speaking to parents at a community meeting

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