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Coercive control and emotional abuse is not yet widely understood in mental health and the systems survivors access to escape. From both personal and professional experience with narcissistic abuse, I help survivors recover from cognitive dissonance and trauma and address underlying patterns that make us vulnerable to narcissists and toxic relationships.

I help people leave these relationships, whether romantic or with family, and know you need help and support.

Woman upset and confused by emotional abuse


I have worked with survivors of trauma for more than twenty-five years, helping survivors of abuse and sexual/developmental trauma recover and thrive. Unpacking and reprocessing both recent and longstanding trauma and attachment issues are key to long-term recovery and thriving after trauma.

Woman coping with trauma

Trauma-related dysregulation and self-injury

The dysregulation and relationship challenges in BPD frequently overlap with C-PTSD, and both originate in trauma and attachment disruptions. I seek to end the stigma of a 'borderline' diagnosis, and utilize DBT techniques to help people end the cycle of self-injury and dysregulation, improve relationship skills, and recover from trauma.

Young woman with trauma and self-injury

LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy and parent support

I am deeply committed to diversity, inclusivity, and equity and am an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community personally and professionally. I work closely with LGBTQIA+ clients and have been informed by advocacy work and community education.

If you are a parent to an LGBTQIA+ child/teen and need information and support, I'm happy to help.

Two queer parents expressing love

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are often associated with trauma, but in many cases they are not. If you are sad or anxious, I can help with coping skills and helping identify and change thinking patterns. I use many behavioral and cognitive strategies that can help you feel better.

Woman with depression and anxiety


Parenting doesn't come with a playbook. In my personal and professional experience with children, adolescents, and teens, I've learned what works - and what doesn't. 

I provide support and information about parenting, especially when things get tough. We all want good relationships with our kids, but it's really hard sometimes. I understand and know how to help.

Mother and daughter hugging after better relationship


Are you ready to heal

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