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Narcissistic Abuse Treatment

Individual therapy

Most survivors find individual therapy is a helpful first step to end the cycle of abuse and begin early recovery.

Individual therapy also works well to heal the longstanding effects of complex trauma and grief frequently seen in survivors of narcissistic abuse.

I regularly explore family of origin issues that makes clients vulnerable to narcissistic abuse and provide EMDR with survivors to lower the emotional volume of trauma.

Group therapy

I conduct group therapy to help survivors of abuse find support and healing through working with others who share similar experiences.

Groups are a blend of psychoeducation and processing, and can be incredibly helpful in narcissistic abuse recovery.

Groups are small (5 - 7 individuals) in order to encourage group cohesion and the development of long-term, peer support systems that extend beyond formal group treatment.


Many survivors of narcissistic abuse live in areas with few treatment resources for narcissistic abuse. In these instances, I provide coaching to people outside California. 

Coaching can be helpful in providing psychoeducation about narcissistic abuse recovery, but unlike therapy, coaching focuses on present concerns, and achieving realistic goals is a primary focus. If I believe a coaching client may benefit from therapy, I consult with therapists licensed in clients' states to provide comprehensive care.

Hidden/Narcissistic Abuse Resources

For more information about hidden abuse, please click below to be directed to

Hidden Abuse Network

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